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159 Experience

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Just had my 156 SW 2.4 20V MJET Ti in for some problem resolution for the 4th time in as many months (too much black smoke upon acceleration caused by an inop breather bottle at the rear of engine compartment).

I was given a 2.2 JTS 159 as a courtesy car - I've read some reports on AO that rubbished this car and personally I think some of it is pretty unfounded stuff. Whilst not having the torque of the big oil burner it has plenty of umph and didn't feel any slower than my old 156 2.0TS.

The build quality on the 159 is excellent and I was impressed by the damping and grip. I love my 156 and my facelifted 166 TS but the refinement of the 159 is a huge improvement.

Two comments -

1) fuel consumption over 200miles was just 25.7mpg -though it had only 500 miles on the clock and that might improve

2) The Twin Phaser JTS does not sound anywhere near as good as the old Twinny - may be due to sound insulation.

So well done Alfa - you've built a stonking car no doubt with a fraction of the development pot as BMW and Audi give their development teams.

I am glad to have the 156 back - boy oh boy is that MJET engine a hoot!
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Good to hear you liked the 159,
I have to make this very decision in the next weeks....:)

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166lover said:
... I've read some reports on AO that rubbished this car and personally I think some of it is pretty unfounded stuff ...
I "rubbished" it in the general alfa discussion forum... ( )

To an extent, I agree with your comments: depending on your POV, the 159 is an improvement on earlier alfa's. But I also think it is improving by Germanisation, which I do not consider an improvement per se...

I disagree with you when you say "...didn't feel any slower than my old 156 2.0TS..." It definitely feels much less fast and nippy than my 156 2.0 JTS - it probably is as fast, or close to as fast, but it didn't feel like that...

Anyhow: I'm glad you liked it - I'll be hanging in waiting for a lighter, nimbler 159...
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