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I don't actually use the memory function much as I'm only the driver and I always use adjustment switch little bit and today I realised problems.

1. Memory function doesn't seem to be working properly. I would make beep upon long press as storing position but when I change seat position and press #1 button for instance it would adjust to some random position. Not completely random but way far from one stored.

2. Passenger seat adjustment switch works (both base & back adjustment) however there's a little glitch with driver's one. The bottom base adjustment works just perfec tbut for the recliner adjustment switch it always requires second click to move forward. Yes when move backward it works perfect but it only takes exactly 2 clicks to move it "forward".

I don't think it's fuse type of problem (because there should be just one fuse for both switches ?) and don't think it's a "sticky switch" problem either as it's kinda very persistent.

Any thought on where I need to look at ?
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