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Recently the external door handle on my brother in laws 2007 159 2.4 failed. So he is ignominiously entering through the passenger door. I removed the door card to ascertain if the cable had broken/unseated or if the cable retainers had snapped. There is tension in the cable however I could not gain access to the handle. The 159 is a more modern car than I normally spanner and has a new idea to me single pressing behind the card where the window motors, speakers etc are bolted. It would appear to me that in order to gain access to the bolts retaining the door handle this pressing needs removing first. The pressing has many 10mm bolts around its perimeter which I removed. It is also held with sealant. there are two inspection bungs which provide access to the window channel. there is a rubber bung in the door jam which gives access to one of the door handle nuts.I only had an hour or so at the weekend to look at this and the pressing didnt come away easily so put it back together at this point. my sister is off to centre parcs next week and wants it fixed before then. If I can fix it for her then she will have a bit more money for her holiday. Apologies for the long winded preamble, what I really want to know from anyone who has done this before is

1 Are there any other fixings other than the perimeter bolts which need removing before the pressing can be released as a sub assembly?

2 Do I need to remove the window glass before the pressing?

3 Does anyone have a drivers door handle for sale?

4 Would a replacement handle need to be coded to the car?

Many thanks to anyone that may be able to offer any help
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