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Can anyone tell me why some tracks stored on my USB stick don't play in order? They are all tagged correctly with track 01 etc and even the file names follow suit yet on some folders the tracks don't play in order:confused:.

Thanks in advance,


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I've found it plays in alfabetical [sic] order if you access the the tracks via certain methods.

Select the album from "Folders" or "Artists" then "Play All".

You can access folders with the voice command "Folders" (or "Artists" etc...)

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Hi there,

I believe you may find this useful mate. This problem is symptomatic of the type of system that most usb drives use. I had the same problem a little while ago when putting music onto a non ipod type mp3 player, then trying to browse through the tracks I had loaded onto it. It was all in random order much the same as you have described here. Try the sorting utility available from this webpage:

Story: FAT Sorter v1.0.4 - Fenux.Net

To get the utility that should sort your mp3s out, just click the link under this part of the webpage:

Where can I get it?
You can download the file directly here.

Once youve installed it, just browse to where the music is stored on your usb drive and then click on sort. Might take a few minutes but hopefully it might help. Good luck.

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