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Alfa 159 1.9 JTDm Sportwagon
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Not starting
Not Starting

Central Locking - Windows Open
Alfa 159 central locking

Rear parking sensors
159 rear parking sensor problem

Rear wiper repair (Sportwagon)
159 SW Rear Wiper Motor Removal

Third brake light bulb replacement
third brake light - bulb replacement

Changing the cigarette lighter bulb
changing the cigarette lighter bulb

Heated seats
Things to check when Heated Seats Fail

Heater blower fault
Heater blower fan has stopped

HID beam pattern
HID Beam Patterns

Fitting heated seats

All windows not working

Vehicle protection system not available


3.2JTS engine
starting project 3.2JTS Q4 dual pipe exhaust

1750tbi engine

Guide - 1750 Turbo oil feed replacement (Revised Part)

Guide - 1750tbi thermostat replacement

Turbo whistle


Rear suspension change
How to rear suspension change Part 1.

Front Subframe remove and replace - 159 & Brera
Guide – Front Subframe, remove and replace


Trim removal 1
159 Interior brightwork trim strip

Trim removal 2
How to change the interior trim....step by step..

Where is the Pollen Filter
where is the pollen filter located?

Wet footwells 1
Water in offside footwells

Wet footwells 2
159 wet carpet


Windscreen rattle/dashboard fix
Windscreen or dashboard rattle - detailed fix with pictures

Boot badge removal
Boot badge removal help : 159

Designed Giugiaro badge fitting
Missing badges

Front bumper removal
159 front umper dismantle?

Rear bumper removal & parking sensor replacement - 159 SW
Guide - 159 SW Rear Bumper removal & Parking sensor...

Front bumper and headlights removal - 159 & Brera
Guide - Front bumper and headlight removal

Rear bumper removal 159 saloon


HID Conversion
How to HID your 159/Brera....
HID Kit Bulb Colours

L.E.D Fitting - The full details
LEDs Advice for the 159


have lost TA on 159 radio!

Radio signal
Alfa 159 Radio Ariel Pants - SOLVED

Replacing the front speaker grill
How do you fit a front speaker grille??


After market ICE install
Can someone do a guide on "HOW TO INSTALL...

159 TI Suspension Upgrade Advice



Sunroof water leak
'06 Brera SV roof waterleak


Headlining colour change
Brera headlining colour change

Headlining for sky roof change
Removing Brera S headlining for SkyRoof


Door mirrors
Wings mirrors do not close

Third brake light removal
Brera third brake light

Brera price list with options from April 2010:
Brera TBi v Brera 3.2S

946 Spider

Roof operation
Roof Operation Logic - Part one - fault finding

All Models

Vehicle Protection System Unavailable Bodge

Hidden features
Hidden surprise feature on my 159sw - list yours here

Turning off the alarm beep
Turn off the Alarm / Locking Beep Manually


Paintwork in tatters
Paintwork in tatters.


Which battery
2.4 Battery Question - Which one?
Dead battery

Open boot with a dead battery
Heated seat repair
Things to check when Heated Seats Fail

Changing the key fob case
DIY: How to change the 159 key fob/case

Qtronic stuck in park position
Qtronic stuck in park, problem & solution


Coolant plug leak
coolant level leak - part needed

Power loss with diesels
Power Loss with Diesels: Guide

Fuel consumption
159/Brera 2.4 Fuel Consumption

Hesitation 2.2JTS
2.2 JTS hesitation - now with new IMPORTANT information...

Diesel additives
Diesel Additives - Rhino

159, "glow plug pre-heating not available"

EGR cleaning
How To: 2.4 JTDm throttle body & EGR clean-out

Turbo control valve cleaning
Low rpm (lack of) performance

Air intake pipe loose and more
2.4 diesel engine running rough?

Exhaust fumes in the car
Exhaust fumes in car


Heat Shield Clip
159 mystery petrol tank heat shield clip


Changing gearbox oil

Air Conditioning

Aircon charge data


Correct Alignment in Post one
Steering Alignment (with Correct Data in Post 1)

Changing the Steering Rack Fluid
Steering rack issue

Power Steering Reservoir Diagnosis
Power steering fluid reservoir 2.4 jtdm

New Vredestein's for the 19"s

Tyre Wear
159 / Brera / Spider tyre wear issues - VIP - Revised...

Changing the steering tie rod
How To: Steering tie rod change

Front-wheel bearing replacement
Guide - Brera / 159 front wheel bearing replacement

Knock Knock..... yet another thread


Brake switch fix
P0504 - Brake Switch


Steering wheel removal
Complete steering wheel replacement guide

Steering column switch repair
159 Brera steering column switch repairs.

Rattly boot release
HOW TO: Fix a rattly boot release (interior)

Steering wheel lock repair
[HOW TO] Fix/bodge the steering wheel locking mechanism

Removing the interior rearview mirror


Wiper mount fix
Brera wiper eating itself?

Disable the auto wipers
How-To: Disabling the auto wipers on a 159

Scuttle blockage
SOLVED Rain Water Leak


Fog light removal (all models)
How to change Brera Front Fog Light


QTRONIC - Retrofit Paddles
Retrofit Paddle Shift to 159 QTRONIC

Oil Catch can
Oil catch can

Oil Catch can (Diesel Only)
Oil catch can, how to

Clogz upgrade thread

External Links

Alfa 159 TI Full LED Conversion - Exterior Guide

Alfa 159 TI Full LED Conversion – Exterior Guide | Jabablog

Alfa 159 TI Full LED Conversion – Interior Guide

Alfa 159 TI Full LED Conversion – Interior Guide | Jabablog


Alfa 159 1.9 JTDm Sportwagon
5,674 Posts
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