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Hi Guys,

Just thought i'd share my experiences of fitting xCarLink to 159 Blaupunkt 939 stereo...

I previoulsy had a normal AUX in, worked on the yellow plug. There was previously a yellow and green plug coming from car, unplugged this and everything still worked fine. Anyone know what it's for?

I've always wanted a true integration with my iPhone so I can control it from steering wheel and took a punt on the xcarlink - so far so good!

It plugs into the CD changer port on the headunit and mimics a changer - when I cycle through CD i get CD/Changer/AUX. CD1 corresponds to manual control of the iPhone, 2+ correspond to each playlist. All this can be controlled using the headunit/steering wheel skip track & up/down button.

If no iPod device is connected the device reverst to CD04 which is the AUX on the xcarlink and can be used for any external mp3 player. This was extremely handy as my partner regularly uses the car and doesn't have a ipod. To make it neater I routed a 3.5mm cable from the xcarlink (situated under the headunit) to the arm rest and fitted a 3.5mm port where the additional 12v port would have been. little fiddly and needed soldering iron but works a treat!

BTW, using iPhone 4S and fully supports charging.

Hope those searching for a decent solution that allows you to keep existing headunit find this helpful :)

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