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Hey there, I've got an issue on my 159 that I've never seen before, however I have followed all steps on this post from 2016 which is an identical issue. Flashing EML, turning over as like no fuel getting to the engine, boost gauge is all over the place and the fuel relay is clicking like mad (which is also tuning the pump on and off really fast, can't be good for it)

159 2,4 jtdm does not start, fuel pump relay clicking fast

I've tried his bypass suggestion and I don't have multiecuscan anymore but from what I understood, it was connect the bypass, it would start, disconnect the bypass. I did this despite having 12v at the wire on the ECU when the ignition was on and checked continuity from the ECU plug, to the fuse box up to the test points on fuse 22, I've replaced the clicking relay, even though I was sure it wasn't faulty, just a symptom, and also left it unplugged, which caused the glow plug relay box in the middle of the firewall to start clicking.

At a bit of a loss, parked it up, inside the multistorey car park other night, went to start it in the morning and it was like this...
Mobile mechanic couldn't get a reading on it and was like 🤷‍♀️ managed to get it to cough with some quick start spray though, only need about 50 cans of that taped to the intake to get home. Thought it was the battery, so did all the usual, different battery, jumper pack, charging, jump leads from another car.

I'm not yet convinced this isn't an earth issue, while I have cleaned up some and even added a new earth cable in (not sure how effective that would be, was just trying to test for a bad earth by seeing if the way underrated cable would get warm as the electricity would take the path of least resistance, and it didn't get warm) but I'm sure there are some I've missed or yet to get to.

I'm ordering a new OBD2 cable and going to buy a copy of multiecuscan (unless the free version would be good enough??) I haven't used the software since 2016 which was the free version.

Here are some videos of the symtoms of this

Gunno be back on it tomorrow, cleaning up the earths again

Something I've thought of trying but would be far too scared to just go ahead, would be to bypass the fuel pump relay and see if it starts then, maybe like "theruck" when he got his to start, something seemingly fixed itself



I've just been looking back at some of my old posts on here, and I uploaded this image
of work done to the car back in 2018, it had a new earth strap put in then from this thread so could that make the likeliness of it being an earth issue, well, less likely?

Cheers again
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