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Hi fellow alfisti,

I've got an Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 JTDM (210 bhp).

Recently I've noticed a smell coming from the car, which is quite fumey. The car however worked find just a jerky, smokey start up at times when cold.

Yesterday, the car was really jerky when I started the car (cold) and moved forward using the clutch only to move.

The same extreme jerkiness continued as I rolled forward in second gear without pressing the throttle. On both occasions it felt like I was in a too high a gear, which isn't normally the case on the smooth flat road I was on.

I then took the car for a blast on the motor way. I drove in 3rd or 4th gear and keeping my foot on and off the throttle to ensure high turbo involvement.

After this the car seemed to work find and is fine today.

It's due a service and it around 78000 miles now.

Do you think it's the cars way of telling me to get it services? Do you think it needs and engine flush too?

The EGR / DPF have been deleted and I run it on Shell Optimax.

Please advise.


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