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Today i tried to start my car, but it didn't start. After 10 tries it started and the engine worked and sounded ok. I drove from the nearby parking to my address to get my stuff. Then i started again the car and after around 5 seconds the engine suddenly became much more noisy and the sound was like knocking. I haven't opened the hood to listen where it comes from, i just turned off the engine immediately.

The swirl flaps have been removed by the previuos owner, EGR is off too. Belts are changed 30 k miles ago and in the auto service told me 1-2 months ago that one of the injectors doesn't have very good values, but they told me it will last some time. I told that about the injectors, because i have heard about knocking injectors.

I talked to my mechanic and on Monday the car will be in the service. But before that - any ideas? Does it sound expensive to you? I didn't notice any smoke or something...
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