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159 12" Plate 12k miles @ Mr Clark's

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Used and New Cars at Arnold Clark

Rare 12 plate TI .....I would consider but wife is in charge .....nice :thumbs:
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Ref the post above:

Following a request for a really precise appraisal of a used Octavia in stock in dundee, I got it then flew to Edinburgh, train to Dundee to buy my current car from the FIAT franchised branch of Arnold Clark. Collected me from station, absolutely no hassle whatsoever with the purchase and about three hours later I was on the road driving back to Southampton. They threw in a full tank of fuel too.

Exemplary service (don't know how they respond to problems as car has been faultless for over two years). Alan Mauchline is the main man there - highly recommended.

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As is the case with most multi-location organisations, I'm sure that AC will have branches that are at one extreme of the customer service scale (such as you have experienced, mudhut) some that are at the other extreme (unfortunately I found them, and the particular branch that this 159 is at was one of them, :mad:) and the majority will be somewhere in between the 2.
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