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Not sure, but I too am in the process of replacing my suspension on my 156 saloon. Mainly just like for like for me. I am in the process of buying some Koni shocks.

Really you have to choose comfort or style/performance. I prefer comfort. The performance is quite fine for normal driving, and the style is already there in the car... I'm running 16" teledials which do provide a lot of extra sponge with the tyres which does help over having 17" or 18" wheels/tyres.

Not sure on your sort of budget, but suspension is an easy thing to spend a lot on. Even just replacing with stock standard components is a fair amount of money.

I think it is the springs, not the shocks that alter the ride height the most. I think there is something about getting lowering springs for the V6's and Diesels which is a little harder than for the lighter TS and JTS engines but I'm not too sure. The V6's and Diesels just need beefier springs up the front due to the extra weight.

Not sure on polybushes, but there is information around about them. Don't know about the adjustable ARB links either.

Personally, the last thing I would do is put on wheels that are bigger if I was after a less spine shattering drive.
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