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Hi, have a small issue with my 156 V6. Ever since I got it a couple of months ago, it has occasionally taken a second turn of the key to get it to start. This is particularly the case when it's "warm" - i.e. it starts first time when cold, or hot, but not always when it's been left for a few hours.

However, this morning it took 3 lots of turning over before it fired, and the same this evening. There are no warning lights showing, and the battery happily cranks it, so don't think that's an issue. While turning it over, it sounds like it's just on the brink of catching, but doesn't. As soon as if fires, it runs perfectly - no idle problem, and it's completely normal once I'm driving.

Any ideas what the issue is? I guess a coil pack could be going, or is it likely to be a crank or throttle sensor dying?

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