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156 V6 CF3 silicone hoses

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Any idea where to buy?

I'm fairly sure a hose is leaking slowly definitely isn't head gasket as there's no oil in the expansion tank and nor is my oil cap mayonnaise and I don't drive the car much.

There's off the shelf silicone hose kits but they are either for a CF2 2.5 or a 3.2. My car is a converted 3.0 from a 166 CF3.

A 3.2 kit won't fit as the expansion tank is on the opposite side but what's the difference between a CF2 and CF3 V6 in terms of coolant hoses?

Guessing I could just buy a V6 kit for either engine and just adapt or buy what I'm missing?
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Ive got this one on mine, it covers the 2 main pipes to and from the radiator to thermostat and from the expansion bottle. It doesnt include the return to the expansion bottle, the pipes to heater matrix or the small pipes for the oil cooler but I think the 3.0 has a air cooled oil cooler anyway where the 2.5 oil is cooled by the coolant. I think a lot of the main kits list for the cf2 only as they also include pipes for the breather setup?

Alfa Romeo 156 96-2007 FW 2.5 V6 Veloce Coolant Hose kit
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