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156 V6 CF3 silicone hoses

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Any idea where to buy?

I'm fairly sure a hose is leaking slowly definitely isn't head gasket as there's no oil in the expansion tank and nor is my oil cap mayonnaise and I don't drive the car much.

There's off the shelf silicone hose kits but they are either for a CF2 2.5 or a 3.2. My car is a converted 3.0 from a 166 CF3.

A 3.2 kit won't fit as the expansion tank is on the opposite side but what's the difference between a CF2 and CF3 V6 in terms of coolant hoses?

Guessing I could just buy a V6 kit for either engine and just adapt or buy what I'm missing?
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Thanks dude,

I'll have to do some studying of my engine when I get a chance to crawl around it.

No huge rush as I'll just put a bit of coolant in every now and again to monitor. If the CF2 requires an extra pipe over a CF3 then I might as well get that as an off the shelf replacement.
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