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Over the years, there have been many things wrong with my car, some of which I have investigated and fixed.
I meant to post these findings as a reference in the hope that it may help someone (and myself, because after a long time I might not remember it anymore). It seems that some of the problems are not very common (but some are, I think).

Symptom: When slowing down or coming to a stop, the engine speed would drop past the usual idle speed, to the point of almost cutting out (but luckily it never did). Then the ECU would try to correct by increasing engine speed but overshooting the idle by quite a lot. Then the cycle repeats for a few times until it becomes more stable. This is especially serious after refuelling.

Cause: There is a long thread about wonky idle somewhere on this particular forum that I thought would be the cause of this. But the symptom on my car is much more serious than that. Eventually this turns out to be a faulty evap valve attached to the intake. In normal operation the valve will pulse open and close to let excess petrol fume from the fuel tank into the engine to be burnt off. The valve on my car has failed open letting unmetered air and petrol fume into the engine, hence the wonky idle was especially serious after refuelling.

Remedy: Replace evap valve.
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