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Hi everyone,

Car is a 2000 1.6 t spark (120) - Spanish Car

Sorry I'm pretty clueless and been doing a lot of searching. I assume it's a cf2 engine based on date and it has an accelerator cable.

Anyway can anyone confirm the correct part number for the throttle body? I've found part number 60654043 (Bosch 0280750073) but not sure if this is right.

Trying to get to the bottom of an idle issue and the mechanic thinks it's the throttle position sensor but wants to change TB also as it has quite a bit of play in it. So far the plugs, lamba sensor and idle control valve have all been replaced but I can't keep throwing new parts at it so looking for a used part now to test.

The problem was dipping revs when coming to rest which with the Aircon on would stall the engine. The idle control valve was changed but now the idle is way too high.


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As fare as I know the throttle position sensor is part of the idle stepper motor.
If you have changed this unit, you need to reset the self adaptive parameters and the idle actuator.

When you have reset the parameters and idle actuator you need to do the following.
  1. Turn the key OFF for about 30 seconds
  2. Turn the key ON and wait about 30 seconds
  3. Start the engine and drive 10 km.
After this the idle should be adjusted.

May I ask where you found a new idle stepper motor, they are getting very hard to find.
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