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Hi Guys. So my rear wiper didn't work on my 02' estate when i brought it and after searching on here and discovering the possible cause, I stripped it out and discovered as previous posts that the spindle was seized. I was unable to un seize it so searched for a replacement.

I soon discovered they are costly items to replace. which set me thinking - these must be used in other cars across the fiat/alfa range, after a bit of searching I found the Fiat Seicento Rear wiper motor is identical except for the electronic box in the top. I also found they are a quarter of the price second hand. so i ordered one from a breakers. Upon arrival i swapped the electronic plug box over, fitted it and hey presto it works a treat.

I was getting quotes of £69+ for a used Alfa 156 SW specific motor
I paid £15 delivered for a used Fiat Seicento motor

Thought it could be useful to share.

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