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156 SW 2004 original radio HELP

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Hello everybody! i am in need of your help
i have bought my car with aftermarket kenwood radio, from the moment i used it i wished to turn back to original radio. finally last week i have found a original radio with code. i have a few problems with it. i cannot use steering buttons, no matter wich button i press the radio goes in to mute. (i press volume up or down it mutes)
my second problem is my car came with CD charger at the boot. the first time i installed the original radio i heard cd charger works and i played some songs with it. i would love to use that CD charger from my childhood i always have admired the cars with extra cd charger. the very next day of the installation when i put in the cd charger mode it says no cd (there is 3 cd). when i turn my key into MAR position i still hear the cd charger at the back. if someone be able help me figure this out i would be very glad.
Thanks for everyone in advance !!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts