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Hi there
just joined and have read up on the areas to look at , suspension and cam belt etc in the buyers guide posting

i looking to buy a 156 sportwagon either 1.6 or 1.8 or diesel
colour anything considered but probably not red,or white although ive never seen a white one!

id rather buy without the pitfalls of ebay if possible too

also bit of a cheek but if anyone not too far from me ( hampton court ) owns one that they would show me round and maybe take me for a short drive so i can see how they go and ask what else i should be looking for, also im not to clued up on spec and wheels for the different models yet
+ check out if the boots big enough for the pushchair!! dont worryi wont bring it with me just have a look :)



Not sure where this thread belongs as you're asking for two things....for now I've moved it to the general 156 lounge as you're asking for a favour ;)

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