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Hi Everyone,

So the quest continues to fettle my 156 and repair, tweak and generally improve the car.

It's going in for a service and a few little fixes in a few days so thought I would get a Decat pipe fitted whilst it was on the ramp having some other bits done.

Have found this pipe on ebay :

Looks like what I need and a search here seems to bring up positive reviews from other owners.
Only thing that I am not sure of is the note on the auction that this pipe fits 156 up to May 2000. My car is a 51 plate 156 Sportwagon which was registered in Feb 2002.
Will this still fit or did something change after May 2000 which means I need a different pipe ?
Can't find any other decat pipes from Cybox and am struggling to find any others at all to be honest.

As always your observations and advice is gratefully received :thumbs:

Just as a side note I have just picked up a pair of clear side repeaters to go on at the same time and am also going to put on a new Airflow Meter and plugs so hopefully she will feel a little punchier with those bits done :cool:
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