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My 1999 2.0TS selespeed is suffering from erratic faults - I was driving around the other day and the box would'nt change up from 2nd to 3rd in city mode had to change in manual, then pulling away from traffic lights car jerked forward suddenly having revved up suddenly unaided and I nearly rammed the car in front, so its parked up for now until I can make some time to resolve issues (weather was awful raining heavy all day) - so my plan of attack is;

Download multiecuscan - done
Purchase kkl vagcom cable - done
Order oil for actuator - done
Check oil -done - Oil looks emusified, milky looking - to renew
Remove battery put on charge - done - battery may be suspect may buy new
Remove battery tray - done - what a joyful task!
Check wiring loom - done rubber socks covering plugs some completely perished & wiring loom requires re-taping
Remove wiring loom check for continuity of cables and check/clean/resolder plug contacts
Visual check of actuator for leaks - done -none visible actuater looks dry from above & below
Drain oil from actuator & flush clean, replace oil to correct level bleed actuator
Check relevent sensors - remove clean replace
Due to wiring loom condition on actuator - visually check other looms in engine compartment
Check pump relay & contacts - clean etc
Replace wiring loom
Replace battery tray & battery
open driver door - check pump is priming
Plug in kkl vag cable and run multiecuscan diag

And this is where I am going to get stuck having not used before - any advice you guys can give me would be most welcome.

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The only advise I can offer here is - quit using city mode.

Drive the car in manual - it was designed to be driven in manual.. City is for stop start traffic, where there's more stops than starts.. and maybe when your trying to drink a take away coffee and drive at the same time..

no cup holders means, city mode can be useful.. but it's still utterly rubbish.
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