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I had similar fault. Couldn't get any air flow out of the face vents in my case.

It turned out to be the motorised baffles that direct airflow in the heater were sticky. Started out intermittently but became more persistent. Thought it would be hideously expensive to fix but Bishops in Guildford did an initial fix by applying vaseline. That helped but problem soon came back.

So next service they stripped it down and took a small amount off the sticking baffle, no problem since. Don't know how much it cost because it was in with service cost.

They seemed to think it was a known problem & knew what to do.

To see if your deflector is stuck set fan on full power, then adjust the direction to feet only, then face, then windscreen. Check to see if any air comes out of the appropriate ducts.

Also you can sometimes hear the motors changing baffle positions.

You'll need to get demist sorted soon - it's gonna be cold next week.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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