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Whilst driving to the auto supply store to get some McGuires car wash I drove past the local Mercedes dealer....

I stopped and had a look at the C 180 Kompressor.

This then lead to a test drive.....:confused:

I must say the Mercedes is a lovely car. :rolleyes: ... but.....:(
1) nowhere near the power of the 156 2.0L
2) steering wheel is plastic
3) seats are half leather and half MB Tex
4) no where near as stylish as the 156

My bella (year 2000 156) is worth nothing with these stealers......

I think the best I can do is keep my bella pristine .........:inlove:

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Didn't you only get your bella recently? Why test drive a Merc? ;)

Seriously though, stick with the Alfa. Much more fun.
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