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I've owned a 147 JTD for the past year and it's time for a change. It's been fine, but for me it just lacks real appeal. I came from driving a Subaru (needed something less expensive) and I really miss having a petrol car.

So, I'm off to look at two 156's at the same dealer tomorrow. Both are 02 models, one's a 2.0 JTS manual, the other is a 2.0 JTS selespeed. Both have similar mileage, are in similar condition, FSH etc etc.

What are peoples thoughts on the above two? Being an Alfa, I'm a bit concerned about going for the Selespeed as I can imagine how expensive it'd be to repair if something went wrong (which might be likely).

Is there anything specific I need to look out for when looking at these? Any common faults? I know about cambelts/waterpumps (the selespeed has had these changed, the manual will have them changed before it's sold) - but is there anything else?

Finally, generally speaking, are 156's good? I realise the response I get here may be somewhat biased, but I'd really appreciate an honest opinion on the car as an every day driver, as well as something a little more exciting than the 147 JTD.

Many thanks
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