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As some of you might know, the forum is no more. We knew that the site was going down for a while (lack of traffic) so I took the opportunity to save some of my (hopefully) useful threads.

Saw my backside last night. Flat battery AGAIN leaving work after I left the radio on in the morning.

The power feeds from the alfa wiring loom are different to the iso standard. If you have an aftermarket head unit this means that without modification the radio does not switch off when you turn the ignition off.

Swapping the switched live with the perm live will not work as you'll loose all you station presets etc - Alfa use a unused terminal in the iso connector for the permament live.

In the pics the yellow wire is the permament live and red is the switched live. (black is -ive)

This is the ISO standard way of wiring the plug:

You need to change the swap the switched live (red) with the permament live (yellow), then use the unused connection above where the yellow wire was for the permamnet live. The permament live on the ALFA HARNESS IN THE CAR is orange

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