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Hi All,

I appreciate that these topics have been covered several times but wanted to relate my experiences.

Thanks to MPH for his first class guide on changing a thermostat, it's easy to find.
On the JTS i found it easier to additionally remove the engine cover and the battery. I just like more room to get to the thermostat housing. I replaced all clips with jubilee clips. My replacement Stat' came with sender switch and gasket. I managed to capture most of the original coolant and reused when topping up. Went for a spin, engine temp' climbed to 85 and stayed there, happy days. Checked coolant level twice, seems OK but will keep an eye on it for the next couple of days.

I've only had the Alfa 2 weeks and when doing some basic checks I noticed the battery showing the WHITE light, leading me down the corridor of uncertainty.I removed the battery as mentioned above, it was an original Alfa battery, Varta I think. It was easy to remove the top cover, exposing the cells. All the plates inside were exposed by a good couple of cm's. I topped up the cells with distilled water, covering them by about 1 cm. Tested the battery, it was showing 12.2 volts, not bad as it had been stood for at least a day and it was freezing. Ironically the battery is now showing the BLACK light. Went for a spin, as above, battery test showing 12.8 volts, BLACK light remains but car starts perfectly.

Again thanks to the other contributors for making the above tasks manageable.


NOTE TO SELF : next time don't do maintenance work on the coldest day of the year.
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