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hey guys, I'm new so please be gentle.

I'm new to alfa's but no stranger to high maintenance cars.
right. Only had the car a month, 2003 jts with 53k miles.

I have the multi circuit error coming every week or so sometimes upto 2 weeks. I have fiat ecu scan (free version at mo)
get p0154 lambda 2 signal above catal

so, I did some logging.
engine temp 78 degrees c

lambda 1 signal pre cat 2.13 - 2.179 fluctuating -open loop
lambda 2 signal pre cat 1.512 steady -open loop
lambda 1 signal after cat 0.030 steady -open loop
lambda 2 signal after cat 0.226 steady -open loop

mass air flow 2.7 kg/h
air quantity 15.3 kh/h

Battery volts running 13.93 engine off 12.04

Car runs fine, idles fine, just annoying when light comes on and buzzer scares you at 05:30am!!
I'v read a few things about low battery volts , bad wiring connectors... Do my readings help with anything?
I do have a slightly bodged intake pipe, rubber pipe sealed up. I am going down the v6 mod road but would an air leak cause the duff signal from lambda?

Any suggestions appreciated.
I did strangely find a new lambda sensor in glovebox when I purchased :/

It's in an alfa specialist in couple weeks for a cambelt and service but I'd like to have this sorted so attention can be paid elsewhere
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