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Hi i have at 52 plate 156 2.4 JTD and i have had the worst of luck with it recently, of all thing to happen a Rat climbed up into my engine bay and bitten through the main feed to the ignition pump grrrr apparently its made from vegatable plastics so that explaines alot lol thing is i have patched it up for now but all mannor of things has gone wrong and she is only running on 4 of her 5 cylinders bless her a fault comes up with Motor Control System Failure and old fav from the maf sensor days anyway diagnostic assessment says that i need a new injector,

I put this down to a break in the circuit as i have heard once a wiring loom is broken they tend to not like working properly when stitched back together hence the sudden ingwctor failure

was wondering if anyone had any ideas as a new wiring loom is as quoted £700+VAT i was thinking of soldering the wire together

any ideas would be great :thumbs:

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