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i have a very love hate relationship with my 156...

i love it, but sometimes it mocks me! lol after spending almost 700 quid on it, its almost up to scratch, another 150 worth of welding and exhaust and im good to go! lol sayin that tho, cant complain, 1998 less than 80k miles on the clock... ahhh i love that car.... sometimes

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Hi Dave,

I posted this earlier & would really appreciate any help you can give me.

My 2002 156 JTS has been a great car but the last 6 months have been a bit annoying.
The selespeed jerks in first from standing start once the car has been driven for about 30 mins. It gets worse when stuck in stop start traffic but is drivable.

A mechanic said to me at my last service that the actuator would need to be replaced ($3,000). I decided to not go ahead as this was not affordable at the time & seemed a bit extreme.

Anyway, I had the car serviced again yesterday & mentioned to the mechanic about looking at the Electro Valve (EV1) & replacing the O rings. I read about some AO members having this done & it solving their same problem as me.
The mechanic said he would try this but there was no guarantee.

Having picked up the car in the afternoon the mechanic said he removed EV1 solenoid from actuator, cleaned it & replaced O rings, re-fit solenoid, re-fill with selespeed oil & carried out calibration.

I was driving home in peak hour from the mechanics when the jerking in 1st began happening again but rather violently. A little red light on the dash began flashing & then the car crapped itself & would not engage any gear. I ended up having to have the car towed back to the mechanics.

My question is, how the hell does doing what the mechanic says he did make my selespeed worse than before? Is this possible?

Surely it would have made some positive difference & not killed it.

Any feedback is very much appreciated
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