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For some reason my alarm does not sound the usual once or twice beeps when locking or unlocking. My indicators also don't flash, and so does my led for the alarm on the dash.

Now I've been trying a few threads from the international forum about this problem, and the procedure seems to be as follow:

  1. Turn key to MAR
  2. Turn key back to STOP
  3. Within 7 seconds, press the bonnet release micro switch 7 times until you hear a beeping sound
  4. While this beep is heard, hold the switch until you hear a prolonged beep and release the switch
  5. Now press the switch the correct amount of times, corresponding with the country setting you want it to be set
  6. With each counted press, you will hear the beep, then after a few seconds after your last press, the alarm will briefly sound
Your alarm is now set to a specific setting.
The country codes run from 0-9, of which I have tried 5 (UK) and 7(USA), but my alarm still just does the silent central lock & unlock.

Does anyone know the correct country code for RSA to be used?
I know this procedure can be done at the dealer, but it would be quicker to do it at home.
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