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156 faulty computer display

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My computer display on 156 '02 is fine for approx 20 minutes of driving and then the display brightness fades to about 50% and stays this way until next journey .I was wondering if anyone as experienced this problem or any advice gratefully welcomed . CHEERS
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Bumping an old thread to help with future searchers...

Mine had the same problem, infocenter display fading away to nothing once the cabin had warmed up - usually within 30 mins of a journey.

I bought another infocenter unit from Autolusso (80 quid), which Ned there said came out of an '04 plate car originally, was sold to a customer who put it in their '02 plate car and when the engine went on that it ended up back in his yard. Removing the unit was a far cry from the 'undo two hex screws and it just pulls straight out' quoted on another thread (that I now can't find)!

The whole process was:

1. Undo the two hex screws on the infocenter (outer edges of the grille on top of the infocenter, nearest the windscreen
2. Lift unit - you may need to wiggle it about a bit to get it to come up initially
3. Disconnect the little red light at the front, just pops out easy enough. Tape the wire to the dashboard to stop it disappearing

Now, there are two leads still holding the unit in - one big, one small. Both connectors are some distance away near the glove box, so you need to remove the glove box to get to them.

4. Open glove box. With a flat blade screwdriver, lever the little plastic surrounds at the top of the curved arms away from the glove box surround. Careful, they pop out easy enough but are quite fragile. The surrounds should then drop down the arms.
5. Press the top of the arms inwards towards the center of the glovebox and they will come out of the glovebox and let the glovebox cover flop down out of your way
6. Undo the screws holding the glovebox in place - 3 along the bottom, 3 along the top
7. Pull glovebox out carefully - you don't need to entirely remove it so you can leave the cables connected to the light and the open/closed sensor in place
8. Now on the right you'll see a big white wiring connector which should be attached to the metal wall - this is the main plug for the infocenter. Slide it off it's little green plastic mount, then press the button on the lower half of the connector and spend 30 minutes screaming and swearing at it, trying to get the connector halves to give up their deathgrip on each other
9. Cup of tea or pint depending on how much of a struggle that connector was
10. Next, pull the stereo (cue trip to Halfrauds for radio removal keys). No need to disconnect it entirely, you just need it out of the way to make some more room to play with wiring.
11. Bend the metal tray that held the stereo in the middle and pull that out.
12. Now you should be able to get a hand or two in there to feel for the smaller lead connected to the infocenter. This goes to a connector that's also mounted to metal, this one you can just pull away to demount, then pull the connectors apart (much easier than the big one)
13. Now the infocenter can be pulled out - the big cable and connector will make this difficult, as it has to thread up behind the temp gauge/clock/fuel gauge cluster and there's not much room there, then it has to exit from a rectangular hole that's not much bigger than the connector, so...
14. Unscrew the fascia surrounding the gauge cluster - 4 screws along the bottom edge, and 2 hex screws further up either side of the stereo slot - careful you don't lose the latter inside the dash!
15. You can pull the fascia for the aircon controls out a little bit at the top which lets you lever out the gauge cluster fascia at the bottom, then pull it away from the top (two clips)
16. Unscrew the gauge cluster (4 screws) and pull it forward - no need to disconnect, you just need to get yourself some wiggle room at the back
17. Pull the infocenter out, feeding the cables up round the back of the gauge cluster and through the rectangular hole
18. Now with your 'new' infocenter, feed its cables back through the hole and down the back of the gauge cluster, try and get them as near the connectors as you can with as much slack as you can
19. Reconnect both connectors and push them both back in place on their mounts (if you can't do that I wouldn't worry much)

Now hopefully at this point you should have a working infocenter if you turn the key to MAR! Key out and continue...

20. Slot the red light lead back into place on the new infocenter and wiggle the whole unit back into its spot on the dash
21. Push gauge cluster back in and screw in place
22. Put gauge fascia back in place, it's fairly flexible and I found it easiest to get the bottom edge in place before clipping the top back in. Screw back in place.
23. You may find you can pull the cables to the infocenter down a bit more now, which may make it easier to pop the connectors back onto their mounts if you couldn't manage it previously
24. Pop stereo metal surround back in - has to go in pretty much square on, won't work if you try one side first
25. Push stereo back in place. The last few mm can be a bit of a git, can need quite a bit of pressure on the edges
26. Put glovebox back in, careful of the cables either side and make sure the metal clips the screws go into are all in place before you put the box in. Screw back in place.
27. Gently bring glovebox door up and reinsert the two arms into their holes, then slide the plastic surrounds up and push them back into place
28. Screw infocenter in place
29. Pint.

Now I just hope the infocenter I got from Autolusso doesn't have the fading problem, but after an hour in the cold I fancy a pint more than I fancy a test drive!
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