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Have just replaced my infodisplay, 2004 model 156

I know it's an old thread, but since others might still need to do this display change-out, thought I'd just leave a few comments about my experiences with the operation.

Above how-to-do is awesome, and helped me a lot. I was, however, lucky that by the time I had pulled out the glove box and disconnected the big connector, there was enough slack in the cable that I could twist and turn the ventilation/infodisplay assembly around facing towards the back of the car, and then flip it, so that I could remove remove the 7 screws holding the top cover on, and then access the actual display unit.

The display is sitting with a couple of circuit boards in a plastic box, attached with four screws. Undo the four screws, then the plastic box pops out. Either replace the whole box with a replacement unit, pre-owned or new (requires removing the plug on the back of the box), or alternatively, leave the plug in, undo the four clips and take the screen and circuit boards out. The actual screen itself can then be unplugged, by removing the two "spaghetti-bands" (pop out the white plug releases first! They pop out 1-2mm when pulled with a small screw driver!).

Then insert new display in the speghetti-band plugs, push back the plug releases and assemble again.

Based on above experience, I would not have second thoughs about ordering one of the replacement screens from the links posted above. I'm sure they'll work just fine, and the replacement is easier than having to pull out the entire unit coard from behind the radio and gauge cluster.
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