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Hey everyone,

I have a 2001 156 TS that's had a couple of the same issues over the few years I've owned it. Specifically having seen the fault codes P0103 and P0104, which was thought to be from using a non-Bosch MAF sensor, however this got swapped out for a Bosch one with minor improvements in idling but the fault codes still appearing. The main symptom the car was having was during idle there would be variable revs and sometimes dropping low enough to kill the car.

Recently however there's been a larger issue that I think is now due to the fault code P0100. Over the past few months periodically the car would flash the fuel injector and battery symbol on the dash and die right after starting the car, either in idle or having just taken off in 1st or 2nd gear with low revs. This has escalated over the past few days to where I can't make a 5 minute drive without the car dying 2-3 times at minimum, and is always more likely to not even start at all if this has happened once or twice in quick succession. The power steering usually gives out right before the other symptoms appear as well if I've managed to get down the road at all.

I will be attempting a full ECU reset in the morning, but is there any advice anyone can give me regarding this situation?
I've read it may be due to a dirty MAF sensor or faulty wiring, but would like some more input before taking it to a mechanic.

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