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Hi all, my 156 2.0 ts (99) has one holey back box.

I'm going to replace it, and I'm hoping to make something myself with an aftermarket exhaust, what I'd like to know is, has anyone ever fitted a universal box? any problems? what degrees of bends did you use to make it fit? it's the over axle part i'm most concerned about.

Maybe it's easier and considered more acceptable to get a genuine aftermarket part or just OEM. either way I'd like to weigh up (and price up) my options. I've never made an exhaust before, and I'm planning to do the whole lot if all goes well.

I know I should take the back box of first and measure it, but I'm sure looking at it, refitting it will be a PITA and pointless.

It will be nice to have to weld an exhaust, a bit less demanding than welding lattice sections on cranes :vomit:

anyway, thanks for your help/suggestions in advance


Do you already have the universal box? Many offer clamp fitment at the rear. Offer the box or new dimensions against the standard box so you know it will fit in the area.
Get hold of an old rear box with the rear pipe intact... It doesn't matter if it's blown or rusty so check exhaust centres, Alfa specialists, forum members and even dealers or breakers yards for scrapped, removed back box sections. Just call them. You may even get it for free;)
Now you have a pattern part that you can measure and check the axle bends and bore size against without removal of yours from the car so you can still use it. Obtaining cheap stainless straight sections, mandrel bends and reducer's to suit from eBay is cheap enough nowadays and you can cut, weld to the pattern as a project until you are happy. Then offer it up again and finally replace your old rear section;)

Do a good job, post the pics and offer the services to other members with permission from the forum admins of course!
Then you will pay for your work with a little profit from each one you make:D
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