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Ciao Alfistis,

My ride is a CF3 1.6 156, ME731 electronics.I recorded some data from alfaobd, and made a graph from it

I've been struggling with the usual low power/misfire when cold. Am i seeing correctly, that the third lambda (below cat) is catching up a bit late? For about 500 secs it looks like sleeping.
Replaced all three about a year ago with genuine BOSCH 258006376 and 258006388.
I had immo issues earlier, and i had to reflash the ecu (the immo box itself broke somehow). Unfortunately, the one worked was for a 0261206707, which is for the 2.0. (the 1.6 ecu is 0261206716) can i have problems with this flash? I mean did i accidently chip tune the car? I didn't experience any extreme power or consumption differences.. don't want to mess up things anyways, the engine just got rebuilt, after 250K

thanks for your replies!
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