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I am currently in the final stages of restoring a lovely 2000 156 1.6TS .

last week's work list was the installation of the following all new genuine parts:

-3 new motor mounts
- new bushing for engine tensioner ( engine side )
- new clutch kit and release bearing
- New clutch Master and fluid

In addition to many engine items, the problem is

I have a very nervous clutch biting point, although the pedal is silk smooth and the engagement point is in the 1st quarter of travel, its very snatchy.

very frustrating in traffic, for example 2nd gear , moving in slow traffic, 1800-2000rpms, the car keeps jerking and bouncing, i cant hold it smoothly unless by pressing the clutch slightly.

another symptom is that if i shift quickly while overtaking, 4000 plus rpms, i get a mechanical clunk through the chassis exactly at the power off-power on moment, i can even feel it through the gear stick, and i'm a very good driver, specially with manuals.

what can cause that given all of the above has been changed? appreciate the help of the experienced people here
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