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156 boot struts

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morning all,

quick question, both my bootlid gas struts have failed on my 156 saloon. A quick ebay search shows loads of options but it isn't clear if they are for the saloon or sportswagen (most of the listing include the words boot, trunk & tailgate).

my question is, are they the same strut? If not, has anyone got a part number for the strut suitable for a saloon boot?

thanks, Taff
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The Sportwagon has struts of 115mm stroke and 620N force.

Saloon has struts of 89mm stroke and 370N.
Saloon with spoiler has struts of 88mm stroke and 470N force.

AFAIK, Stabilus was the OE supplier which are among the few which work on the bonnet due to the angled ends.

(Edited as I was initially wrong).
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