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Cleaned MAF with electronic cleaning fluid,put it back in than it got worse than before-while engine cold will not run over 3000 rpm,after few minutes of powerless torturing and temp rising it "turns" on and works very good but smokes at low revs if throttle opened fully.ECU diagnosed shows EGR fault reading,MAF fault reading,air temp sensor fault reading. Than I cleaned the EGR valve -took it of and cleaned in diesel. Reassembled it back on and ECU diagnostics shows only MAF error. Same problem with low temp and up to 3000revs, but when it snaps back on it is much better than before cleaning the EGR.
Drove it for few days and than it died on me like ECU shut down everything -electrical and fuel pump???!!!- . Tried to start it up but it just spins like no fuel. Left it to cool off for about an hour and it started like nothing ever happened. Went to ECU diagnose and it read MAF error and UNKNOWN error.
While driving with MAF disconnected it runs quite good at all revs and accelerates evenly and strong all the way but is blows black smoke at range of 1000 to about 3000 revs with open throttle.

Diagnostic specialist suggested me a new MAF. New one from AR dealer is around 320 EUR,and another but also BOSCH 1st installation part is around 90 EUR.... which one is smarter to buy?

What does the unknown error means,and can the MAF faulty sensor make the ECU shut down the engine?

Does anybody have any experience with such problems,as this is quite a common troublemaker....?!

Thanks!!! :confused:
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