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156 2.0ts Selepeed -1999 - what is the engine ecu number?

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hi All, I have subject car but -for some reason- I bought it faulty
problem is the prev.owner changed (scrapped it's original engine ECU and hired at dealer and dealer brought other type ECU -to demonstrate engine working- and I came...
so there is no history about what was the original ECU and it's number.

recently fitted with engine ecu 0 261 206 710 which is definetelly not the right one as the selespeed ecu is in service mode

engine is working however can't rev up just to ~4500rpm

Could somebody help me and inform me about the right engine Ecu No. what I need?
I'm really exhausted now...
Thank you in advance!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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