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last September my flexi section of the exhaust went, replaced with a Bosal aftermarket as Bosal is good quality steel and welding on the exhausts.

since the replacement of this exhaust section, i am getting a metallic 'pinking' noise at 2100RPM
seems as though something is resonating at this RPM (above and below this RPM i cant hear it)

but when fault finding, i came across a broken exhaust manifold bracket (attached to the engine block to the manifold) this is hidden behind the manifold btw.

the bracket had a hairline crack all the way across it and i thought that it was this that was the problem. but since removing this it is still doing it.

But...i am aware that new exhaust sections need a layer of carbon before that metallic noise goes away.

but i have read on other forums that other people are having the same problem and noise!

any suggestions would be great, thanks for reading.

Chris :)
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