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Hey guys,

Just checked out the car on the FiatECUScan. All is good with no error codes and all parameters withing range (I think).

With the ECUScan connected and monitoring the Selespeed Gerbox fields can some one please advise which parameter is the Clutch Rod Length?

Further can we please explain the following parameters please:
1. 3rd parrameter from the top - Selection position; does this length change when different gears are selected?
2. 4th parameter from the top - Clutch Pressure Plate Travel; what is the optimum length and what does it measure (I assume the travel of the throw out bearing)?
3. 5th parameter from the top - Clutch pressure plate reference - what does this measure?
4. Half way down the parameters list is - Clutch engaged position (self-adjusted); Is this the Clutch Rod Length?

Thank you in advance and if I dont get back on before the new year ALL THE BEST FOR THE FESTIVE SEASON
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