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I have a 53 plate 156 2.0 JTS.

For a while I was getting intermittant MCSF which diagnostic put down to a post cat llambda probe. It always cured itself after a while though.

Eventually it got worse and I started to get a misfire/judder when putting the negine under load (accellerating hard or going up a hill etc) so I had it checked again and it gave the same issue and also mentioned a problem with Cylinder No.1.

So- had the two post cat llambda probes chandged and a new coil pack on No.1.

Now it runs better than ever when cold for about 15 miles until it gets properly warm, then the same issue returns, just as bad as ever.

The diagnostic still shows the same issue- but it can't be the probes as they are changed.

Any ideas gratefully recieved!
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