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AR 156 SW 1.9JTD 8V
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I have a 156 1.9jtd 8v and my problem is that when i'm driving in any gear(but mainly in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) and i tap on the gas or the brake it doesn't matter i can hear a sound that sounds like the engine moving back and forth and can slightly even feel it on the car that something big just moved in the engine bay. I think it's engine mount related but i need to make sure. The upper longer one that you can see in the video, was changed 3 years ago and the other ones maybe never, i dont know honestly.

Here's the video i made:
This is idle, i'm not pressing anything btw. I would record the sound it makes, but it would be kinda hard to do and dangerous while driving lol
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