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Well i thought id just give everyone a heads up on my water pump issue thats just happened to me recently....

it all started off last sunday when i was changing my fuel filter on my 1.9 16V JTDm, after changing my fuel filter i noticed the expansion tank was below the minium mark, which i then topped up with about 500ml of water, which i thought was abit more than the usual amount ive had to top it up by. So this made me think i must have a leak somewhere in the system (please god dont be the head gasket i thought :mad:). I got out my radiator pressure tester and pumped up the coolant system to 1.5 bar to see for any leaks, and low and behold it was slighly spraying out the outlet hose from the thermostat to the radiator. I took off the hose and looked for any damage but all looked ok, so i cleaned it, refitted it and tightened u the hose clip, I then repressurised the system to 1.5 bar and left for an hour. All was good, no more leaks and pressure didnt drop one bit :thumbs:

what i didnt noticed at first or when testing the coolant system was that the water was a dark grey colour :confused: i couldnt see it through the expanssion bottle because its stained pink from the antifreeze i use..... Well of course alarm bells start going off in your head thinking what the hell can it be, but instantly i thought something must be chaffing on the aluminium to make the water go that colour, and of course what may cause this problem but the WATER PUMP!!!!!!!

ive heard problems with the water pumps failing on the JTDm engines at 40K miles so ive alway been worried about it failing on me

well i thought id take the cambelt off and see if it was the water pump to blame, and this is what i found......

colour of the coolant water

cambelt rubbing on the cambelt covers

what caused the grey colour

And here are 2 videos of how much play there was in the bearing

ALFA 156 1.9 16V JTDm 140 CF3... FAILED WATER PUMP - YouTube
ALFA 156 1.9 16V JTDm 140 CF3... FAILED WATER PUMP off the engine - YouTube

whats more shocking and worrying is that when i bought the car, the first thing i did was change the timing belt and pully. I dont care if ive got a reciept saying the belt was done last week, i will ALWAYS change the belt and pulleys, as you cant be to safe with the things and we all know how much it costs if they snap. The thing is though, i usualy change the water pump as well as like youve just seen if the bearing goes it can knacker the engine aswell, but i looked at it when i changed the belt and it looked and felt great, it even had a bit of stiffness to it, like you get on new water pumps, so i thought it didnt need changing!!!!!!

so i note to everyone with a 16V/20V CF3/CF4 engine....


luckily with me it didnt break and i had a good tell tail sign of the coolant changing colour, but if it is also making a noise, the belt is moving side to side or if you didnt know when it was last changed, then GET IT CHANGED!!!! it cost me £44 for the pump and £13 for the antifreeze and a few hours on a sunday

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