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156 1.8TS Sick Engine - where should I start to look?

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Last night while driving up a hill, the car lurched and the engine management light came on, the beeper went of and Motor Control warning came up on the central display and it started running really it was on 2 1/2 cylinders.

So I have driven it home and parked it up and apart from a cursory glance to determine nothing obvious was hanging off, I haven't had a chance to look at it.

What advice would you give to me as to where I should start?

Cambelt changed a few months ago, its been running really well this last few days after 4 distance trips in the last week. Luckily for me, it did this a mile from home.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Thanks for the advice

Thank you for the advice so far...I will see if I can get someone to plug it in an see what comes back.

Now this might be a silly question but if I cant find anyone with a reader, how do I test a coil pack?

Thanks :)

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MAF not working

Thanks for all your replies so far.

I haven't been able to get the car plugged in anywhere yet but tonight a friend and I started the car and it was still running rough.

He unplugged the MAF sensor and nothing changed...we plugged it backin and nothing changed, it was still running rough.

Now my simple layman's logic would say that has pointed 100% at the MAF. Does that sound logical to you experts?

Thanks in advance

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Cleaning up the coil packs

One of the things that can happen is oil getting past the filler neck or the cam cover gasket.
I think this was mentioned earlier.
If you take the top cover off and one at a time remove the coil packs.(start at the left side nearest the cambelt cover) you'll need either a torx or Allen key to undo them. Take it out and look to see if there is any oil anywhere . Use a torch to check the recess the coil pack goes in and look again for signs of oil .
If you find there is oil then thoroughly clean use some brake cleaner to clean up inside the rubber covers on the coil packs .
Use plenty of kitchen roll to clean down the holes this will help soak up any oil.
If you find oil there is a good chance that you need a new cam cover gasket. It is possible the oil has come from clumsy filling aswell.
When you are sure you have soaked up the oil remove and clean the plug,replace the plugs (2 per cyl) clean and check the contacts on the wiring connection of the coil pack and then replace.
Do this for all the cylinders .
See how you go .
It could be if you find oil that you have had a short in the plug/coil and may need changing .
But untill you can get a scanner on it you could be going round in circles.
This may not help but its one thing you have checked that needs to be kept an eye on .
Thanks for this post. I stopped by Halfords and got Brake & Clutch cleaner. I cleaned all the leads, plugs, coils and there was indeed oil in the area around pack for No 1 Cylinder.
But it didn't work - however, I think that I have identified that it doesn't run any different when I disconnected that pack but any of the others made it run even rougher...

Does that sound logical?


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Still not working

Thanks for all your advice up to this point.

So I have been away and skint because of it so I haven't made any progress with the car until today.

I was confident that the coil packs were at fault that I got a new set from AutoLusso delivered to me.

I put these on and no difference. I disconnected the battery so as to try and clear the fault code but still no difference when I put it back on.

So where next - is it likely to be the MAF after all and is their a smart way to identify that?

I would love to get the codes red but I am so skint that I cant afford the £40 to get it done.


Thanks in advance

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