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155 V6 video razz

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You've heard of The Getaway cult video where the guy razzes through Paris in a Ferrari...

....well this is my version, the "The Get-outamy-way". Not as cool, but it's Jason and my short "test" route.

It's difficult to judge speed, but when on the gas, I change into 3rd at about 60-65mph, 4th at 85-90mph and 5th at about 110mph.

It's a huge file (~19mb) and last about 6.30 mins.

Click on the link, then "download" the file to your hard drive.

Hope you like it. I plan to do more of this sort of thing for you guys :)

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nice sounds ,), I had to rename it to .mpg , it was named as "The" without the mpg extension.
shoulda said it's an WMV file
Nice vid :cool:

Sounds like something in your dash is loose and rattling around :confused: :lol:
yeah it was the camera !!!

I just strapped it to the dash with gaffa tape. gonna put a sponge under it next time to stop the rattling !!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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