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posted this here as it's really specific.

I just got a call from Prestige Engines who say they have a gearbox etc for a 155 V6.
I've just bought one from somewhere else, but I know some people have been after one.

Here's the number: 01905391026

Dunno how much they want for it.

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Hold it !!!

Just read the email that they sent to my house........

.......£450 to £550 + VAT for a reconditioned mine. They don't have an exchange unit available :rolleyes:

That's on top of having to either remove the gearbox yourself, or pay someone to do it for you.

Total price £££££££££'s :eek: :eek:

The peeps I got my box from didn't say I had to send mine long as I'm happy with it, I'll have a recently (mileage whise) recon'd box and diff to sell :D ;) . as you know the bellhousing is broken so they would have to be swapped, if you see what I mean.

Wrinx, how'd you get on with the cooler ???

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My mate is bidding on that one....thats where I'm hoping to get the cooler from :D

Marlon, not rung them yet because of the reason above, it should be free or cheap from him if he wins the V6 ;)

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