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My car is a 155 1.8 16v (no air condtioning), it is the later type(late 1996) where the fan is contolled by the ecu and not a switch on the radiator. I am trying to find the relay for the fan. According to what I have read and my owners manual the relay is located on an auxillary bracket near the fuse box. It says the relay is black I have found a relay which is black (i have attached a photo of the relay i think it is) but none of the wires seem to correspond to the wiring diagram or the fan. According to the wiring diagram at the relay there should be a light blue and white wire, a light blue and red wire, white and red wire, and a black wire. But at this relay shown in the attachment there is a: red wire, green and black wire, yellow and black wire, a red and black wire, and a black wire. Is this the right relay or is it somewhere else?

Any help will be useful.

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