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I´m really fed up with my loved 155 Q4, because of the enormous fuel consumption.
Mechanics said it´s normal, but 20.litrs/100KM is not a usual figue ¿no?
Please help me to resolve ir, I have changed, filters, and revised injection.

Thanks for your help.

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The Q4 driven under 28000 rpm's is not bad, because you are using the engine well under its possibilities.

But if you play with the boost, you will have to face the costs. This car, as ANY powerful car, its 'fuelaholic'.

Its a take it or leave it matter.


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Hi Pitoweb

Certainly seems excessive, I would expect those figures on a track day but not road use, even fast road use.

Checked the official figures (see "technical specifications" on the left menu bar) and this is what they say:

Fuel consumption (L/100 km): at 90 km/h 7.7
Fuel consumption (L/100 km): at 120 km/h 9.8
Fuel consumption (l/100 km): urban cycle 12.3

So the worst, around town is about 12L/100km, not your 20L!!!

Do you drive fast all the time and use high revs?

Have you checked the Co2 reading with a gas analyser, this would tell you if it is using too much fuel.


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20 l is definitely to much but they official figures are a bit too high. My worst figure is 18.9 at a fast race track. Unfortunately I have no idea of how to fix it. But when it runs ok you can re-map the ECU for better figures. Especially the acceleration enrichment is high on the Q4, i.e. the multiplication factor depending on throttle position that gives extra fuel when you want to accelerate.
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