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155 8v Mileage....?

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Hey y'all,

Just thought it would be interesting to compare mileage from a tank of petrol.
firstly how many miles do you get at various types of driving. But also, has anyone done the "see how long you can go with the orange light on before you totally conk out" test? Im interested to know as my orange light seems to come on just after the 1/4 of a tank mark, and it would be interesting to see how far you can actually go before you have to take that long walk to the nearest gas station, which as sods law would dictate, would probably be about 5 miles away!

So, I have a 155 8v 1.8 TS 1995. On a full tank (around 38-43 quid) I get about 400 miles on the motorway or 360-380 combined. Or around 320-350 town driving. Like I say I havent run it until it has run out of petrol, but this is roughly correct.

Cool. I look forward to finding out how you all get on!


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Hey Matt,
Your figures sound about right...I'm getting very much the same in my 155 2.0 8 valve.
As far as the orange light is concerned, in my experience with other 'older' Alfas (75, 33), the light is perhaps a little overeager to get you to put petrol in. The best way of telling whether you're getting remotely close to empty is when it comes on and stays on – no matter how many hills or corners you're taking (ie less fuel slopping around in the tank). So, I'm guessing that you're only into reserve when it stays on permanently.
I've also often been tempted to see how far you can go...

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Well with my Silverstone I got about 250 from a full tank. I did blast that car all the time though, was rarely below 4000rpm due to the daft torque and power curves that engine has (1.8litre 8v). Very lttle power below about 3800, then the curves zoom upwards with max torque at about 5500rpm and max power at 6000rpm. Makes it great at the top end, but if your racing other 155's, they've left you long before you get up there !!!!!

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Blimey! My old V6 donkey drinks like a fish then. He knocks back a whole tank in 280 miles round town, though on long runs he won't stop for another few pints until around 330 miles.

You'll get around 50 miles on that steady amber before it starts to croak.

Ralf S.

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Hi Guys,

Just a quick reply on the reserve:

I tested the reserve to a complete standstill and I got 161 km (not a clue howmany miles that is) from the point the reserve light was permanently burning.

Never had a car with a reserve like that !!

Ps. Keep up the good work in this forum !!!!!


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what is wrong with my cars then ???

My V6 gets about 200 miles from a tank. It's not running rich as the plugs look perfect when checking them.

Costs me a fortune as I do about 400 miles a week !!!!
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